Solán de Cabras

Solidarity Drops

Solán de Cabras is a socially compromised company. For its fourth consecutive year, it has joined the Asociación Española Contra el Cáncer (AECC) with their #SolidarityDrops campaign, coloring in pink all their bottles and adding minutes of personalised psychological attention.

Fear, uncertainty, rage or sadness. When life forces you to face cancer, emotions are difficult to handle. Because of that, for this year’s #SolidarityDrops edition, from Bakery we have decided to put a face to a key piece that helps digest this emotional situation: AECC psychologists, which offer free psychological assistance to whom suffer from the disease or their relatives.

After a conscious analysis of previous campaigns and communication elements, we concluded that the best way to make this action known to the consumer was using the product they take home. Ergo, communicating this initiative in the retractable that bins the six bottles pack. This way, we have given a new use to an element usually used for promotions at Selling Points.

The action was also communicated through an audiovisual branded content where psychologists personally tell us they every day life and the value of their work at AECC.

Because you don’t have to get through a cancer alone, #SolidarityDrops