Social inclusion as a goal

By the end of 2016, we crossed paths with Superacció Foundation. We realised the importance of their social work and the low media impact it had. Because of that, from Bakery and Tomando Conciencia we decided we had to join the cause by making the documentary “Propietarios de sueños”. Because we know, from our experience, that what has not been communicated doesn’t really exist.

Superacció is an innovative non-profit project with the aim to promote social inclusion for young people at risk of exclusion, stimulating their motivation and overcoming through sport, corporal expression and plastic expression.

These activities allow young people to overcome and break limits that society has make them believe they have and lets them, afterwards, apply this abilities and tools in their every day life.

Superacció fights against the fact that nowadays there are more and more young people who, due to different reasons, do not have the chance to choose and build a future for themselves.

- 30% of young people from our country quit studying before even graduate.
- 50% of young people in working age are unemployed.
- 2.5 million children are at risk of poverty in Spain.

In 4 years, Superacció has helped more than 800 young boys and girls. They want to keep on doing that, and that’s why they need founds to be able to open a permanent day centre.

In order to help finance this centre and outline the essential work Superacció carries out, the documentary PROPIETARIOS DE SUEÑOS was born. This documentary has even led us all to do the Titan Desert, a sporting event consisting on crossing the Sahara desert by bicycle.

Edu, Aya, Elías, Lokman and Lahcen’s stories serve as a connecting thread of this choral story that makes visible the multiple labels that society has put on them because of their origin, attitude or bullying, and how they struggle to get rid of them. The story also shows the preparation and the performing of the Titan Desert, Superacció’s every day and a look at the social exclusion problem that strikes our country.

PROPIETARIOS DE SUEÑOS is the tool that Superacció uses to increase the visibility of their social work and point out the importance of giving the same chances to everybody, not putting labels or giving up on people.

Superacció’s new centre will be a reference point for boys and girls, increase the possibility to follow up their cases and, without a doubt, will give even more strength to Superacció’s social work.

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