Welcome to Coque

Mario Sandoval's relationship with cooking is so close that one could almost say that he was born in the kitchen.
"Welcome to Coque" is the spot we have made for Makro along with Mario Sandoval, a chef with two Michelin stars.

The Sandoval brothers grew up in their grandparents' restaurant, in the Madrid town of Humanes. There they acquired the taste for gastronomy and the pleasure of making others happy by cooking. Now, after 40 years of experience and as the third generation of a family dedicated body and soul to cooking, they want to continue writing their page in the history of gastronomy. For that, Coque has transferred to an avant-garde space in Madrid.

The new Coque is a restaurant with an eye set on the future that also firmly maintains the values of traditional cuisine. Here lies the essence of the Sandoval brothers, what makes their cuisine unique. Their innovative technique of using food fibers coexist in their creations with local, sustainable and local products that they themselves grow on their farm in El Escorial.

The audiovisual we made had the objective of closing the presentation of Mario Sandoval "Fibers, the hidden ingredient of food" in the Madrid Fusión international gastronomy congress. In addition, it will be used in the websites and communication channels of the restaurant and Makro.

Coque’s cooking makes travel, evokes landscapes. For this reason, we show the path that their creations carry out from the moment they are conceived, until the five senses at the table awaken us. As they say, ‘at the end of a journey the real adventure beings’.

Welcome to Coque.