The architecture of the future

Society models progress and move forward, so it is necessary to adapt city’s design and technology.
The IAAC (Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia) is a studies centre committed to raise a new generation of professionals capable of thinking and applying strategies according to the context and environment of every city.

Located in Poblenou neighbourhood, IAAC is a multicultural school that stakes for Barcelona to be the avant-garde capital of architecture and design, heading innovative and efficient projects.

Both IAAC and Bakery are part of the association Poblenou Urban District. We share aspirations related to technological progress and modern society with them, as well as the concern to take care of the environment. This close relationship particularly inspired us to create audiovisual contents that explain three of the masters they offer:

Cities, such as we know them today, aren’t sustainable. Because of this it is mandatory to have professionals specialised in improving our current models.

A unique opportunity for designers, visual artists, performers, choreographers, dancers, architects, sound artists and related profiles. This course aims to develop projects with new technology solutions.

A program that offers students the freedom to build real prototypes of projects they have come up with. With technology and robots potential, innovative systems can be shaped in order to develop all the possibilities of our habitat.

All in all, we brought our cameras to the Fab Lab from IAAC and immerse in their every day work. This project turned out to be fascinating because we discovered the infinite chances of technology and approached to the architecture of the future.