Solán de Cabras

We can win this race together

One event, four cities and a shared goal: run for all women, mothers, sisters or girl friends that are fighting or have fought against breast cancer. The Women’s Race is one of the most massive solidarity events of our country. For eight months we’ll be in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and Sevilla to collect the support of an entire society.

Solán de Cabras, with its iconic Pink Bottle, couldn’t miss it. We neither. As a creative agency with a social soul it is especially satisfying for us to be involved in projects such as the Women’s Race.

An original, modern and cosy Stand built from recyclable bottles. This is our contribution to help promote this race during the days before. Particularly, it will be a meeting point that will also serve as a stage for different activities that will help improve the event. In the framework of the Woman’s Race and in order to make use of this pleasant space, different talks will be held with topics of interest: from testimonials about the coexistance of the illness with sports practice, to advice from women athletes, nutrition or mindfulness tutorials.

Women’s Race. Much more than a race…